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Financial rewards and being in control of my own destiny

My name is Brenten Uren, my wife Sandi and I own and operate the Car Care Herston franchise.
Before joining Car Care, I was a Sales Manager for Marshall Batteries / Area Manager for G.N.B. in South Australia
What attracted me to Car Care was the van being able to carry water on-board and have my own power plus the ability to make a decent amount of money.
I am a one man show. I own, run and work this franchisee on my own and have been doing so for 15 years now.
Having a sales background has helped me with up-selling but it’s mostly about the little things – I am always on time, both my vehicle and myself are always extremely presentable and I am always cheerful to my customers. These attributes helped me build a successful business.
The financial rewards and being in control of my own destiny has been the greatest reward for joining Car Care. Building a successful business has enabled me to achieve the material things in life that are important to me.

Brenten Uren Herston Franchise Owner Car Care Queensland

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