By owning my own business the harder I worked, the more money I earned

My name is Kristian Waugh and I own and operate the Car Care Caloundra franchise. I had been working with the existing owner of the business and when he wanted to sell in 2007 I decided that I wanted to own my own business and that I could do this!
I had previously been working in a wholesale stock and produce business and before that I had been employed in a whole range of jobs, from hospitality to retail management.
By owning my own business the harder I worked, the more money I earned; I wouldn’t be limited to a wage, with the profits going to someone else. I also wanted to work my own hours as my children were in primary school and my wife also worked and was unable to be home for the children so I became the “after school care” parent. Early morning starts didn’t worry me. The kids are older now so my working hours have changed – this business allows me to do this.
Hearing people say “Wow, it hasn’t looked that good since the day I bought it!” or “I don’t think I want to sell it now” after the car they were going to sell has been detailed and they see how great it still looks is what I like about my business.
Since becoming a Car Care franchisee my most memorable moment was having the opportunity to drive 2 Lambourghini’s that I was detailing!

Kristian Waugh Caloundra Franchise Owner Car Care Queensland

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