Why Car Care

3 10, 2018

Can I choose my preferred territory?

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Yes, providing it doesn’t already belong to another franchisee.  You can choose an area that you think has a lot of potential or you can choose an area close to home.  We can provide advice on the best areas as we know firsthand which areas have high demand for our services.

6 07, 2018

How long do people usually stay in the business?

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This is a great way to judge how strong a business is. Over the 30 years we have been in business the average length of time franchisees stay with us comes in at around 7 years.  We currently have over 20% of franchisees that have been with Car Care for 10+ years, one as long [...]

4 07, 2018

Does Car Care provide financing?

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The answer to this is quite simple, no we don’t.  Having said that we can help you prepare a business case to take to your bank or other financial services company.

4 07, 2018

What type of Van can I use?

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There are a number of vans that are suitable for Car Care. We currently have in our fleet: Mercedes Vito, Renault Traffic, Hyundai iLoad, VW Maxi Caddy, Mitsubishi Express. The van must be White, Silver or Black (no other colours are acceptable).

4 07, 2018

What makes Car Care special?

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What makes Car Care special? What would be important to you when determining if Car Care is special? Would it be how long have we been around? – Car Care commenced in 1987 – a long time! The fact that we are still going, stronger than ever, must say something about what we do and [...]

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