What makes Car Care special?
What would be important to you when determining if Car Care is special?
Would it be how long have we been around? – Car Care commenced in 1987 – a long time!
The fact that we are still going, stronger than ever, must say something about what we do and how we do it.
During that period we have had to adapt to all sorts of changes, most of which, funnily enough, have little to do with detailing, things like – the introduction of mobile phones, the demise of Yellow pages in favour of on-line searches (Google was not even formed when we first started).
On the Franchising side there has been the introduction of the Franchising Code of Conduct and subsequent amendments to that code.
On the car detailing side we have seen changes in products along with adaptations that improve our water usage – what hasn’t changed is that cars still get dirty and still need to be cleaned, over and over again……
Would it be that we are the only national Mobile Detailing Franchise?
Car care started in 1987 in Perth and once the system was proven it was rolled out as a franchised model in 1990, with SA the first addition followed closely by NSW and QLD. These states were followed by VIC and Tasmania and
in 2013 we launched in NT. The final part of the jigsaw was the addition of ACT in June 2015. This national coverage assists us in providing a one-stop shop for vehicle manufacturers that want to promote their cars across the country for things such as sporting events, product launches, car shows etc.
Would it be our low start-up costs compared to earnings potential?
Car Care would have to have one of the best ‘returns on investment’ (ROI) in franchising. If you consider that the value of most businesses is calculated on a multiple of profit i.e. you could expect to pay $200k-$300k for a business with an annual profit of $100k. With a Car Care franchise the start up costs excluding your van are just $42k.
Would it be the fact that our business is simple to run?
As an owner/operator you only need to worry about yourself. There aren’t the headaches of employing and managing staff with all the associated payroll and HR responsibilities. In addition your Car Care Franchise is mobile so there are no shopping centre rents to pay. The other major benefit of being mobile is you can take your business to the customer rather than sit there and wait for them to come to you.